First Session of the Month: Newborns

March 5, 2015

Got to kick March off with a cute newborn baby boy photoshoot! It was lots of fun but boy, I'll tell you what. Newborn shoots are a work of art. It takes a lot of patience and a prayer said here and there that the baby will pose perfectly without a cry or an accident.


Of course, nothing is perfect. But that's what makes things perfect! You can take all of the precautions in the world and still have a baby throwing a fit during a photo session, and that's exactly what I encountered.


This little baby boy was cute as a button but man, he sure gave me a battle for me to fight to get the best pictures I could to provide mommy & daddy with.


Let's start with the basics in how I prepared for the shoot, shall we?


  • I used a room with plenty of window light, and had the window light facing where I would be posing the newborn.

  • I set up a flash unit just in case I needed an extra burst of light for some photos.

  • I had set up a cute little area to have the newborn rest on a brown bean bag that was covered with a soft blue blanket and a burlap table runner to add texture and color to the shots.

  • I placed a heatpad under the blue blanket where the baby would rest so that when it came to naked shots, the poor little one would not be cold.

  • I brought in my laptop to play some soft music so that it wasn't completely silent during the shoot and the baby would be soothed.

  • I underdressed in leggings and with my old After Prom shirt from my friend's after prom that I got invited to a few years back. I underdressed ready to be used as a possible toilet.



So overall, I thought I was pretty prepared! But no matter what you do, you never truly know how things will run until they actually happen. Not saying you shouldn't ever be prepared, but sometimes you have to play things by ear!


This sweet baby boy gave me a run for my money by literally crying every time I laid a small finger on him and staying awake through his individual pictures. Now, my dad and boyfriend have both told me I always have very cold hands, so that might be why I made this poor baby cry every time I touched him, which made me resort to coaching the mommy how to get him posed. He also stayed awake the whole time, so there was no opportunity for me to discreetly pose him. But you know what? I went with the punches and made it through!


I took many shots of this little guy at several different times and angles to make sure I got different expressions that I could work with later on. I even got a few shots where he was blinking, which made him look like he was sleeping so sweetly!


The results are pretty impressive for all the trouble this little guy gave me, but the shots were worth it and are worth a life time for the parents. :)


As for props, here is where I got everything in the pictures above:


Soft Tassle Blue Blanket - Clearance Rack at Target for $10 (No link since it was on Clearance)

Burlap Table Runner - Party Section at Target (It lists for $23 online, but I bought it for $5 or less, I know for sure. I'm a cheap shopper.)

Green Crochet Blanket - Made by my Step Grandmother

Wooden Wagon - Garage Sale for $5

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