Bringing Life to the Old

March 9, 2015


I am all for natural photos. Knowing your camera and how it works inside & out is very important in getting the best lighting/coloring possible with every photo you take. There are times where getting the right exposure and coloring is a bit difficult, such as situations where I am involved in the picture.


One major reason why I stay behind the camera most of the time is because I like being in control of the lighting/coloring in the photo, and it’s a little harder when I am having to jump into the picture. I also get a bit lazy when it comes to photos with myself included.


Here’s a photo I took last year before the summer weather came along. It was my significant other & I’s 9 month anniversary and so we decided to take some photos together. I love this little shoot we had and love the location and just about everything, except for the yellow washed colors. A part of me does like how these pictures came out naturally due to the sun going down behind the trees, putting flare into my photo, but another part of me just feels that my boyfriend & I were being washed away in the yellow flare.



I’ve been very busy working on client work, so I just set it aside but I finally had a little bit of downtime during one of my lunch breaks and whipped this out.



I’m very happy with how it turned out. I deepened the contrast and lessened the yellow/green so that some of the browns and the colors on my boyfriend & I would pop out more. This helped dissipate the washed out yellow flare that was bothering me so much, but without completely dismissing it away from the photo. Don’t get me wrong, a part of me still loves the original file where it has that hue to it that gives it a vintage look, but working with photo quality techniques all of the time, I also wanted to see how I could bring the whole photo to life rather than just leave it looking antique.


Most important thing to me when it comes to editing photos is making sure you use your resources. In my own perspective, doing SOOO much editing where it completely changes the look of the image is a bit much. But again, that is just the way I like to work with Photography as an individual artist. I do feel that there are times when excessive editing is necessary to really bring a particular effect to life in your images.


Best way to combat over excessive editing in the first place is knowing your Aperture, Shutter Speed, & White Balance. All three have a give or take quality they can provide for the photo, but knowing how to equally adjust all three harmoniously goes a long way. But if you’re a Professional, like myself, or an Amateur, you already know that. But it takes lots of practice to perfect!


It only took me about 10 minutes to adjust this photo, which is a bit sad on my part since I waited so long to actually work on it deeply like I’ve been wanting to for almost a year now. But hey! I did it and now I can print this photo on some wood for my desk at work. It’ll look lovely. :)

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