Thrifting At Its Finest

March 17, 2015

I visited my lovely significant other the other weekend. It was nice to get away for a little bit since I practically work 24/7 with my full time job as a Salesforce Administrator, Professional Photographer, and being the Team Lead/Photographer for ARI Cosplay.


We went out and did a favorite past time of ours which is thrifting! We love the thrill of never knowing what treasures you may find that just were cast aside from their previous owners. We found MANY Ty Beanie Babies, and for a random fact, my boyfriend is VERY educated on Ty Beanie Babies. One of the many wonderful qualities I love about my man. ;3


We go on many thrifting adventures and one thing that we do seek out is Ty Beanie Babies, especially Sparky the Dalmation that has white speckled ears. We hadn’t found Sparky many times , but this time around we found 2 in one thrift store! Sparky is a special Ty Beanie Baby to my boyfriend since it was one of his first Ty Beanies.


After digging around in the Plushie aisles, I found this gem! If you’re an Animal Crossing enthusiast like myself, you’ll know this little guy!


This villager’s name is Poncho and he has appeared in each Animal Crossing game that has released so far to this day. He is a Cub with a Jock personality. I literally was overcome with a surge of joy & excitement when I found him! I immediately yelled out “BABE!” across the store and showed Taylor, who in return shared in my excitement by gasping not as loud as I yelled, but close. J I am big into collecting quality/licensed plushies from our favorite game titles, and Animal Crossing is one of my all-time favorite series! (We got this guy for a $1.50, could be sold on eBay for $30 but I'm keeping him q:)


Other than our plushie expertise, Taylor loves to hunt down rare games/consoles. I do as well, but he has the best knowledge on that subject, so I look for antique/pastel furniture or objects for photo props or to use as a prop and to furnish my living area. My goal is to have anything I love & inspires me to furnish my dwelling but be able to use any of it for my client’s shoots. That way I’m always prepared and always surrounded by what brings out my unique aesthetic.


At this particular location that we went to this past weekend, I did not find much of what I could use for props. However, I did find a roomy floral bag in which I found to be the perfect size for a gym bag. I have been using re-usable grocery bags to carry my clothes & toiletries, but have been too cheap to buy an actual gym bag. What also kept me from buying a gym bag was the fact that there wasn’t any that I liked when it came to design/color scheme, and if it was to my appeal, it was hella expensive! I am VERY picky about colors/design and with spending my money. I don’t like to buy an item if it does not appeal to my eye since I am a very visual person, especially if it isn’t something I truly need. But once I set my eyes on this bag and thought of the potential use for it, I immediately snagged it.

The cost? A measly $7.59. Such a small cost for a quality bag that has A LOT of room. And best part? It’s not just good for gym use, it’ll be great for traveling and a fantastic carry-on bag! Definitely a great buy with a lovely design & color scheme.


Another item I snagged was this lovely suitcase for $9.50! I have been using a zebra print suitcase from my teenaged years and have been longing to get rid of it, so when I stumbled on this vintage-looking beauty for under ten bucks, of course I grabbed it! I already have 3 trips planned (not including the needed trip or two a month necessary to see my beloved) this year, so this suitcase will definitely serve me well! It has PLENTY of room for a girl with a vast array of outfits, so I am definitely pleased to have found this bag. Sure, there is a bit of a tear on the handle and some black splotches on the corner on one side, but for the price & quality, I couldn’t pass this up!

I am all for multi-use, so I already can see this being good for potential photo props if the client’s vision calls for it! Function, low cost, & visual appeal is the game I play.


That’s about all I got from the thrift store from this past weekend, but I also did obtain some other items from another time I went to visit Taylor back in January. Along with thrifting, we also go to garage sales any time they pop up on our road of travel. There is always one going on in his neighborhood on the weekends!


At the last garage sale I went to, I obtained this unique tan trunk, a picnic basket, & several unique frames. I plan on using the trunk for decorative use for myself but also for photoshoots. The picnic basket was actually used for my love & I’s picnic for Valentine’s Day a month later, but can also be of use in a photoshoot if a client requests it! I already used it in a photoshoot with Taylor & I for Valentines day. As for the frames, I have some ideas on how they could be used with future photoshoots, but for the most part they are for my collection & decorative use.


I got all of these items for $25. They were asking for $30, but Taylor likes to negotiate prices. Isn’t he handy?


I find thrifting & shopping on a budget fun! It makes it into a treasure hunt as you rummage through all of the other things and find the one thing that stands out to you amongst everything else! I also find it very satisfying, knowing that I looked eagerly and in the end got a great deal on it, making the hunt worth it! So glad that my sweetheart shares the same interest in thrifting. Then again, he is one of YouTube’s biggest Dumpster Divers! So, what else would you expect? :)

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