Where the heck have I been??

May 8, 2017

Well, well, well.. It certainly has been a while since I blogged on my own website! Why is that? What have I been doing? Why aren't I doing as many shoots at the moment? Where on earth am I anymore? Let's just list some recent highlights:


  • October 2016: Moved to Houston, Texas

  • November 5th, 2016: Got married to the love of my life!

  • November 6th, 2016: Headed to Hawaii to celebrate for a full week!

  • December 2016-March 2017: Took a hiatus from doing lots of projects to take it easy for once

  • January 2017: Took a trip to San Antonio for PAX South with friends!

  • March 2017: Went on a last minute trip to Disney!

  • April 2017: Went to Anime Matsuri for photoshoots & to hang with ol' pals! Also joined Evil Cake Studios as their official Director of Photography/Camera Operator!


The hiatus was much called for. I had a rough Fall season due to my full-time job along with wedding planning. Lost lots of sleep, had lots of work, got sick right before my wedding, etc. So I was due for some relaxation time, especially after working so much for the past few years!


My trip to Hawaii with my husband was so wonderful. I took so many cool pictures there! I would love to visit again, but first I need to trip to other places ;3 Here's some photos from that trip! I took more than what is below, but these are my favorites of them all! We really enjoyed just walking out to the beach, exploring hidden beaches, swimming with the fishes, & enjoying local life. Our favorite thing to do was ride bikes around Waikiki!




We also went to Disney World last minute since our friend had an interview there for the new Pandora area opening up in the Animal Kingdom in May! Can't wait to see how that turns out. I still have more Disney photos I want to work on, but gotta put my clients first q; But here's some photos from that trip as well! I can't wait to go again & see Pandora! I got a glimpse of it & have seen commercials, and though I wasn't a big Avatar fan, I am VERY curious to see how that part of the park looks & feels! My friend who applied to work there did in fact land the job! So he & his wife moved to Florida shortly after we visited Florida for his interview. We miss them, but are so excited that they are finally living their disney life that they have always dreamed of! Can't wait to visit them one day again & relive more Disney magic along with creating life-long memories!




I am working hard to get back into the swing of things with my own brand. I have been doing a lot of work for others, but need to revamp my own material which I have been slowly doing & almost completely at the end! For now, at least. I can always do better in any aspect q;

Anyways, I hope you keep coming back & enjoyed this little update! I will start being more active with this blog to not only keep you up to date with my own life, but to show off some of my favorite things I have found, sets from shoots I have done, free material that you can download & use in your own photos, & more! But for now, I will end it here! See you around! ^~^




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