Why I am not doing Weddings anymore

May 15, 2017



I know, it's crazy. I sound really crazy to stop offering a service that I got paid the most for out of any service I provide, but I just can't keep doing weddings. At least not for now.


You see, having a full-time job & treating my photography business as a full-time job can be difficult when a wedding is thrown in the mix. Since I strive to provide quality in not only in the photos, but in the service, I just can't afford to keep offering wedding packages at this time in my life. Weddings are so fun to photograph & be a part of, but it takes a LOT of time & it is a LOT of photos to work with. We are talking at least a thousand photos per wedding. AT LEAST. That's a lot of work to do along with working full-time during the day & doing portraits/promotional material as well.


Though I put a lot of time & effort into portraits, it's at least 10x the time & effort to do wedding work. When I have wedding material on my plate, I just don't get a lot of necessary relaxation time to myself. I have worked a lot since 2013, & I am trying to slow it down a bit to enjoy life more rather than constantly working from dusk until dawn. There would be some days in a row where I would do nothing but work at the office, then come home & work on wedding photos, then just go straight to bed. It's not healthy to constantly work. It's been hard for me to adapt more relaxation time as I just love to create & be busy.


So don't get me wrong, I love weddings. They are such a beauty to be a part of, but it is just a little much for me to do right now! But no worries, I'll pick them back up again in the future when I am only working my photography business ;3 I just want to say thank you to all of the couples thus far who have entrusted me with their photos on their big day. As someone who just got married, I only want to provide my absolute best when offering wedding services. Just hang tight, I'll offer them again one day in the near future :)

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