Uniqlo: Nintendo Lookbook - I'm Back on YouTube!

June 7, 2017

Recently, Nintendo did a contest with Uniqlo where thousands of artists entered their Nintendo inspired T-Shirt designs for a chance to have them sold at Uniqlo's stores. All of the winning designs were so lovely! My husband & I gawked at so many of them, but limited ourselves on which shirts we would buy.




Lately, I have wanted to get back into my creative gear. Yes, I get creative for my clients, but never use my creative juices for myself! So I am starting to make YouTube videos again! Most of my content on there will be around Anima lCrossing since that is my favorite game of all time, but I'll also have videos on my adventures & more!


So to kick off, I created a Uniqlo Nintendo Lookbook with my husband! We recently got a haul of Nintendo's shirts from Uniqlo & decided to make a fun little video showing them off! The video also features a song called "Crossing" made by Evil Cake Studios​! I LOVE the song so much. It is everything I could have ever hoped for! Please check it out! You can see this video by watching it here or visiting my YouTube channel below!




It was so hard to only grab a few of the T-Shirt designs, since they were all so wonderful! I think what helped us limit ourselves was the fact that many of the designs were in children's only sizes. However, that did not stop me from getting my favorite design of them all, the Animal Crossing character one! Here's a list of all the shirts we got along with their sizes!


Pixel Pikachu Shirt - Women's XS

Design by Benjamin Morse

FAVORITE THING ABOUT DESIGN: It's very comfy & casual! The shirt shape is shorter in the front, longer in the back, which pairs well with high waisted pants or leggings.


Well, there's only one left - Men's XS

Design by Chim Yu Kiu

FAVORITE THING ABOUT DESIGN: Taylor says his favorite thing about this shirt is that it has the Pikachu Tail on his butt (not pictured, see video to see).


Colorful Mario - Men's XS

Design by Tay LianWei

FAVORITE THING ABOUT DESIGN: Taylor loves the colors, & says they went well together without clashing. Very vibrant, & yummy. (His words)


Animal Crossing Characters - Children's 11-12

Design by Wei Lai
FAVORITE THING ABOUT DESIGN: It's Animal Crossing. One of my absolute favorite things in the world! The design captures the Animal Crossing aesthetic in the artist's unique way.


Life Can Not Be Reset - Men's XS

Design by Sai Tanaka

FAVORITE THING ABOUT DESIGN: Taylor says his favorite part of this shirt is the solid advice it gives.


Metroid 1986 - Men's XS

Design by Naoki Matsuo

FAVORITE THING ABOUT DESIGN: Taylor loves how minimalistic this design is, yet speaks volumes.


Pikmin - Women's XS

Design by Yuki Azechi
FAVORITE THING ABOUT DESIGN: I love how the Pikmin are visible, yet if you don't look close enough, you'd just think it is some abstract design.



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