My Japan Trip - USJ & Sanrio Puroland

May 2, 2018


Amongst my activities in Japan with my friends, we put Universal Studios Japan & Sanrio Puroland on our lists of things to do & see! With USJ having it's Universal Cool Japan 2018 attractions up & running, including my husband & I's favorites such as Monster Hunter and Sailor Moon, how were we to pass up the chance to go?! Then being with my fellow Sanrio loving ladies, of COURSE I had to plan to visit Sanrio Puroland for a little girls day with them! Both days were plenty of fun shared with lovely friends that are truly ones to cherish.




Since we were all staying in an AirBnB in Tokyo, we used our JR Bullet Train passes to travel out to Osaka, home of USJ, which was 3 1/2 to 4 hours of travel.  




When we first arrived at USJ, we hung out, shopped, ate food, and played at the arcade in the area before the USJ entrance. This was so we could kill time and get our half-day tickets for the park since we were there on a weekday. We assumed that since it was a weekday and there wasn't any Japanese holidays happening that we would only need to spend a half-day at USJ. Especially since I had read about USJ being pretty clear on the weekdays! But BOY. We were wrong.



I didn't think to check on school holidays in Japan, and we happened to go to USJ during a school break, so it was VERY crowded. My friend Katy compared it to Disney World's Magic Kingdom on a Saturday! It was nuts! We only wanted to go to USJ to do the Universal Cool Japan attractions, but we hardly did anything while we were there since lines were anywhere from 120 minutes of waiting and beyond. A little disappointing, but we made the best of it! We all ran around the park, shopping for cool exclusive goods from our favorite series and getting some good snacks while in the park! So my advice to anyone planning to go to a theme park in Japan, be sure to check on holidays AND school breaks! We still had fun nonetheless, but had no time to truly enjoy attractions. At least we got the half-day tickets!


Of course before we headed out, we HAD to try the Sailor Moon Cafe items! My husband got the Strawberry soda, I got the Sailor Moon Compact Cake, and Katy got the Moon Prism Power Cake! The Soda was super good! I only had a sip since my body doesn't really tolerate soda, plus there was some jelly pieces inside which are not vegetarian friendly. My Compact Cake was really good, but way too sweet! I ate as much as I could, but it was just one of those desserts where it was too sugary! Katy's Power Cake was SUPER good! It had many different flavors, and it was all super tasty!



After we visited USJ, we headed out into Osaka & shopped at their Pokemon Center, visited the Eorzea Cafe, and then headed back home! I didn't really take any pictures of those activities because my shoulder blade that previously had flared up before my trip to Japan was flaring up again, so carrying a backpack on my back and a camera around my neck was just dragging me down. But I certainly enjoyed visiting the Pokemon Center in Osaka! I also got a little Pokemon Pin that was specific for the Osaka location to take as a souvenir!




The next day the girls & I headed on over to Sanrio Puroland, home of Hello Kitty & her friends! I am especially a big Sanrio fan and have been since a little girl. I have fond memories of visiting the Sanrio store in my local mall as a kid and EVERY time I went, I would get some stationary & some suckers. I was sad when it left our mall, which made this trip to Puroland that much more special! When we arrived at the station where Sanrio Puroland is located, we immediately were immersed into Sanrio heaven with the decor! Sanrio characters everywhere in the station, and even cooler, a big stain-glass mural! 




As we walked down the street that leads to Puroland, we could see it's colorful entrance in the distance, waiting for us! I had seen pictures of the place before, but it was such a beautiful and colorful masterpiece to behold! I may be going overboard with it, but you can't deny that it sure is pretty! Us girls all decided to wear pastel skirts and cute sucker earrings to match! (you'll see my outfit later in the post, I didn't get a picture outside of the place)





As soon as you enter the park, you're just immediately immersed in an overload of the cute culture that is Sanrio! Since we got there around lunch, we headed to the Rainbow Cafeteria to grab something to eat. I didn't get shots of what I ate in there since it was one of my many plates of spaghetti I had during this whole trip, but it was still great! After we got our bellies full, we began to explore, starting with the My Melody area!




This room is soooo pink and I love it. The decor was really cute, and had the perfect little spots for taking pictures at! Right next to the room was a little My Melody store filled with so many cute My Melody items! I ended up getting a new wallet from that store because anything with My Melody on it is just too cute! The best part of going to Sanrio Puroland with cute friends like Katy & Gabriela is getting to take cute photos of cute girls in a cute place. Win-win-win.




After geeking out over My Melody, we headed to the Cinnamoroll Dream Cafe! Cinnamoroll is my FAVORITE Sanrio character, so of course I was beyond thrilled to go to a little cafe with themed desserts after the cute little pup! All three of us got a different dessert to split amongst all of us. That way we could try many things but not go too crazy ;)



I got the Cinnamoroll Cinnamon roll. A classic cinnamon roll topped with blue icing, whip cream, and a cute little marshmallow in the shape of Cinnamoroll! I gave my marshmallow to Katy & Gabriela since marshmallows are not vegetarian friendly. I still got a video of them beheading him though, of course, haha! Gabriela got a little cake in a teacup that had Cinnamoroll's cute little butt protruding from it. They added marshmallows as the little legs, whip cream for the tail, and rice crackers for the ears. Completely cute, and super good! Then Katy got the souffle, and the ears were made with a cream that had a hint of coffee. Everything was super good, super sweet, and super cute!




We then headed downstairs to where there was so much to see! From the lit tree decorated with Hello Kitty bows, the random shows that would happen around the tree, and all of the little attractions in every which way, there was so much to take in!




While exploring the downstairs, we found the Gudetama Land, which is essentially a Gudetama Photo Area. This place is just full of picture spots to take with this goofy & lazy character. There was some little games as well to play, but the lines were full of children, so we got wrapped up in taking pictures like children instead of playing the games. As you may tell from these photos, I can't take the camera seriously when I am in front of it, so behold my glorious goofy faces!




After doing lots of goofy photos in Gudetama land, we explored more of Puroland & found Lady Kitty's House! I loved the details of the house. The window frames, the ceilings, just everything! The house was filled with photo opportunities. We had so much fun walking around in there, taking more goofy photos, and getting to meet Lady Kitty herself! Couldn't grab a picture with her, as they had their own setup for the photos with her, so cameras were allowed.



We then found the Twinkling Tour area where it was themed around Kiki & Lala of Little Twin Stars! This area was so cute & I loved the colors. The lighting constantly changed between different pretty colors, and there were so many cute little photo opportunities in there! We also used the wish machine, where you have to crank it and it would spit out your wish! Mine was a castle, Katy's was an elephant, and Gabriela's was a Giraffe! Didn't know I had such a desire for castles q;



After the Twinkling Tour, we did a little bit of shopping, and then headed out! We ended up using a lot of our day than we originally thought we would! But we also stopped to take pictures in every area possible. It was truly a fun day with some lovely ladies!



If I had to do anything over again, it would be our plans for Universal Studios Japan. We didn't necessarily plan to go at first, especially since Katy & her husband live in Orlando and go every now & then. My husband & I went last year, and so there wasn't really anything special for us to plan to make a day out of it. But then we heard about their Universal Cool Japan attractions and wanted to go! If I had known about the school holiday, I would have either stayed in Osaka for a night or two to fully enjoy USJ, or just would have skipped on going all together. Not that USJ is boring, it is just that we have it in the USA and had been recently, so it wasn't a big priority. But, we still had fun there nonetheless & enjoyed having time with our close friends!



My next blog post will be about our day in Asakusa where we got dressed in Kimonos & walked around the town! I'm very excited to share those photos & memories with you all!







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