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May 22, 2018



It’s that time of the week! Another Japan blog! I mostly took pictures of the big events we did, as we did a lot of shopping and just some casual sightseeing in between them all. Not to mention, I was having some shoulder blade issues and couldn’t always carry my backpack or camera around my neck comfortably, unfortunately. But of course, I pushed to get the best photos of the events I most highly anticipated!


With my husband & I being big Pokemon fans, OF COURSE we had to stop by the Pokemon Centers that are spread throughout the country! We were fortunate to be in Japan a little after the new Pokemon Center Tokyo DX shop & Pokemon Cafe were opened! The Pokemon Center Tokyo DX is the newest Pokemon shop to come to Japan and is certainly breathtaking  for those that are a big fan of the series.




The store is not only filled with so much Pokemon merchandise, but also amazing decor that truly brings you to feel as if you’re walking amongst the Pokemon Universe, even for just a little bit. Taylor & I did some big spending there, which you can see more of in these videos on his PokeToT channel!


As mentioned before, this store recently opened and along with it, the Pokemon Cafe. In Japan, it is pretty common for pop-culture inspired Cafes to pop-up for a limited time with a specially themed menu throughout the year. Pokemon has had some in the past, but this is the first permanent Pokemon Cafe to be established! And for those who don’t know, it is best to reserve for these kinds of cafes ahead of time.


It was a little difficult to reserve not because of the language barrier, but because of how the reservation tool works. You can book up to 4 people at a time to a table, but I found this to be impossible, even with how far ahead I was reserving for. One thing you do have to deal with the language barrier, if you do not speak Japanese, is translating your name into a Furigana format. You can use this website to type in your name in English and then copy the text that comes up under Hiragana.


What I did find was that for those who reserve for 1 person, you get put at a very long table, decorated with Pikachu and the First Generation Starters. So if the reservations are too booked to the point that you cannot book your group together, look into booking a bunch of single seaters at the same time frame! That’s how we were able to get 3 out of our 4 person group to eat together.


I was the odd one out of our 4 person group because I didn’t realize I could book for the same time-frame as a single seater. Oh well! Now I know, and can hopefully advise others :)

Getting to eat at the Pokemon Cafe was definitely a big treat! My husband ended up having the Snorlax Burger dish, some unfinished bites of our friends’ Mimikyu Chocolate Banana Crepe plate, and the Gengar Smoothie. He was very satisfied, filled, and happy with it all!


When it came to my turn, I struggled a little bit because I wanted to order the Carbonara dish that featured a cute little Pikachu’s bottom, but I had to dig and dig to find that the Carbonara dish actually has bits of bacon in it, so not vegetarian friendly. Otherwise I would have gotten it! So instead, I went with their Pokemon Cafe Fruit Pancakes, and Chocolate Milk Drink made with MooMoo Milk! 


The milk came in a MooMoo Milk themed bottle (that you sadly don’t get to keep) and you were given your mix-in items and syrup. Since I got the chocolate order, I got a side of chocolate. The staff mixes your chocolate, ice, and milk together in the mixer and pours it for it, which is pretty neat! I normally don’t drink milk, but since it was the Pokemon Cafe, I had to try it

After eating, I walked around the Cafe to snap some photos. When you are there, you are free to stay in there for up to an hour, I believe. So you’re welcome to eat and walk around during your reserved time! It was very cool to see limited edition plushies and artwork from the manga on display & autographed! The whole style of the cafe is beautiful too, every detail is just lovely.


So for any Pokemon fans that visit Japan, I definitely recommend going! It’s a fun & unique place with options for vegetarians! Speaking of vegetarian friendly food, on Thursday I’ll be posting my last blog post on my trip to Japan which will feature my day in Harajuku! The highlight of that trip was visiting the Pompompurin Cafe! So if you want to see that, you can stay tuned and in the know with the latest by subscribing to my newsletter! You can do so by using the pink box at the bottom of this page :)






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